Contacts & locations

Map of OFB locations in Metropolitan France and its Overseas Territories

A locally accessible and broadly established agency

  • 5 national level offices
  • 12 regional divisions, 1 inter-regional division for Metropolitan France and 1 division for Overseas France
  • 90 departmental service teams sand 3 inter-departmental service teams for Metropolitan France
  • 3 seabord offices for Metropolitan France
  • 4 departmental service teams for Overseas France, 1 Indian Ocean nature brigade and 1 territorial service team in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon
  • 2 overseas territorial offices (French Polynesia and New Caledonia, also relevant for Wallis and Futuna), 3 territorial delegates (French Antilles, French Guiana and Indian Ocean)
  • Agoa Sanctuary for marine mammals in the French Antilles
  • 9 Marine Nature Parks (Iroise, Mayotte, Golfe du Lion, Glorieuses, Estuaires picards et de la mer d’Opale, Bassin d’Arcachon, Gironde et mer des Pertuis, Cap Corse et Agriate, Martinique)
  • Various study and research centres on species and habitats.

Head office

French Biodiversity Agency (OFB)
12 cours Lumière
94300 Vincennes