Support for public policies and biodiversity stakeholders

The mission of the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) is to accompany and provide support to public, private and civil society actors in the conception, implementation and evaluation of public policies.

At the heart of networks, from local to international level

Crédit photo : Yvan Falatas / OFB

The French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) covers the entire territory, including the mainland France and its Overseas territories as well, from international to local level.

With its stronger territorial presence, OFB is at the heart of a network of biodiversity stakeholders which includes local authorities, local State administrations, companies, research organisations, non-governmental organisations, nature “users” and citizens.

At the heart of the network of biodiversity stakeholders

To address biodiversity protection issues in local territories, OFB is involved in the creation and coordination of the network of Regional Biodiversity Agencies, alongside the regional authorities, water agencies and local State administrations.

The French Biodiversity Agency also supports numerous partnerships with local authorities in order to engage them into initiatives as the “Territoires Engagés pour la Nature (TEN)”, the “Atlas de la biodiversité communale (ABC)” and the training of elected representatives in biodiversity protection.


OFB is in charge of the national strand of the Ecophyto II+ action plan (approximately €40 million in aid per annum) whose objective is to reduce the use of plant protection products for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses.



To facilitate populations’ access to better drinking water and sanitation services, and also to take action in favour of biodiversity, the Agency supports overseas local communities via the inter-basin solidarity programme (more than €20 million in aid per annum on average).