Mobilising civil society and promoting commitment

The role of the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) is to mobilise the entire society in favour of biodiversity. To do this, OFB encourages and assists companies, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and users of nature to get involved at their level.

Crédit photo : Antoine Forget / OFB

The “Territoires engagés pour la nature” scheme (“TEN”, Local and Regional Authorities committed to Nature) supports local authorities implementing specific action plans in favour of biodiversity, adapted to local issues. In addition, the “Entreprises engagées pour la nature” scheme (Companies committed to Nature, “Act4Nature France”) supports corporations taking concrete and measurable actions, with a positive effect on biodiversity.

Overall, The OFB is at the heart of these stakeholders’ networks, while providing financial and technical support. The OFB also coordinates citizen involvement, by launching awareness campaigns targeting the general public, as well several education and training initiatives.

Biodiversity issues can only be sufficiently addressed through the involvement of everyone. It is necessary to raise awareness on biodiversity issues, in the public opinion and in public and private action, at the same level as climate change issues, as both stakes are linked.

The IPBES report and the indicators of the French National Biodiversity Observatory provide an alarming finding of the biodiversity state of biodiversity in France. It is important to act quickly to reverse the trend.

Marine and terrestrial educational areas

They enable 4th, 5th and 6th grade pupils to explore a stretch of coastline, wetland, forest, river, urban park, etc. accompanied by their teacher and an environmental education stakeholder. To date, more than 200 schools have implemented this approach, developed by the French Biodiversity Agency, in agreement with the ministries in charge of National Education, of Ecology and of the French Overseas Territories.