6 projects selected for improving the monitoring of species and habitats

Terrestrial environment

Six projects were selected following the call for expressions of interest "Improving national terrestrial monitoring of conservation-issue species and habitats " launched in spring 2021.
22 applications were submitted by the deadline of 23rd May 2021. The quality and diversity of all the candidate projects were highlighted by the selection committee.
Through various research and development projects, the six selected projects will provide new methodological and operational elements to improve national monitoring of several groups of species and habitat-types where there are knowledge gaps. They will also contribute to current considerations in the framework of the construction of the National terrestrial biodiversity monitoring programme.

The six winning projects are:

  • COLEOSAPRO – Setting up a national monitoring network for saproxylic beetles under the European Habitats Directive. Consortium led by the Occitanie Natural Areas Conservancy .
  • PRéSur –Prefiguration of a network for monitoring the conservation status of agro-pastoral habitats in mainland France. Consortium led by the National Mediterranean Botanic Conservancy of Porquerolles.
  • Monitoring programme for amphibians and reptiles in mainland France. Supported by the French Herpetological Society
  • SOGAP – Monitoring of Priority Gomphidae and Anisoptera Odonata. Consortium supported by the Agency for Insects and their Environment (OPIE).
  • National monitoring of Schreibers' Bent-winged bat. Consortium led by the French Society for the Study and Protection of Mammals.
  • TRAMETES - Contribution of the old-growth woodland network to the conservation status of woodland habitats and species. Consortium led by the Mountain Ecosystem and Society Laboratory, INRAE.

These projects are scheduled to start in autumn 2021.