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"Committed to Nature Initiative": the French Biodiversity Agency encourages businesses and local authorities to take concrete action in favour of nature


The destruction of biodiversity is on the rise, forcing all stakeholders (public and private sectors, associations, etc.) to take action and take on the environmental challenge. To support them in implementing concrete actions, the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) has launched the "Committed to Nature” Initiative (Engagés pour la nature) supported by a national campaign.

The environmental strategies of organisations have long been guided by the reduction of carbon emissions. Combating biodiversity loss is also a matter of absolute urgency, as pointed out in the 2019 IPBES report. The changes needed to preserve and improve biodiversity are only possible with the mobilisation of society as a whole.

This is the aim of the "Committed to Nature” Initiative run by the OFB. This scheme provides the means for taking action and helping stakeholders to take biodiversity and living organisms better into consideration in their activities. The initiative aims to encourage the emergence of voluntary commitments and projects in favour of biodiversity, to recognise and apply the quality of these commitments through a transparent evaluation process, to provide access to better means of implementation (support, dissemination, etc.) and, lastly, to encourage partnerships, cooperation and collective initiatives that will result in a wider impact.

The "Committed to Nature” Initiative involves three types of actors through three programmes:

  • Local authorities, with "Committed to Nature Territories"
  • Companies of all sizes, with "Committed to Nature Businesses” - act4nature France"
  • Other stakeholders: associations, federations, youth movements, trade unions, with "Committed to Nature Partners ".


The initiative benefits from a single access point, allowing access to the three dedicated platforms to find all the useful information, testimonials from people involved and to submit an application.

″Many business owners and elected officials are already taking initiatives in favour of biodiversity. Now it is a matter of working together, helping each other and drawing inspiration from the best practices to implement concrete action″ Pierre Dubreuil, General Director of the OFB.

A campaign to mobilise businesses and communities

In order to involve as many actors as possible, the French Biodiversity Agency is launching a press and digital campaign aimed at private-sector actors and local authorities. The campaign is based on two posters and the slogan "And you, are you ready to take action? " This communication campaign highlights what the French expect from companies and local authorities in terms of biodiversity.

The campaign will additionally be held at events organised by the French Biodiversity Agency and in which it participates. It will also promote the video testimonies from stakeholders who have joined the initiative: Grand Pic Saint-Loup grouping of local authorities, the Commune of Avignon and Caux Seine Agglo the "Committed to Nature Territories", along with the Yves Rocher Group and Buzet and Pocheco Winegrowers for the "Committed to Nature Businesses - act4nature France".