The French biodiversity Agency (OFB) at the COP15 on biodiversity

Institution life

Under the umbrella of the United Nations, the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is being held in Montreal from December 7 to 19, 2022. The objective of this conference is the adoption of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), which is composed of 4 major objectives, broken down into 22 targets to be achieved before 2030 and 2050 in order to stop the biodiversity loss and to "live in harmony with nature".

The ambition of the COP15 is to reduce the threats to biodiversity, conserve and use sustainably the resources, access and share benefit from the use of genetic resources, develop efficient means of implementation. Targets for actions should be derived from these objectives, which will ultimately be implemented at the national, regional and local levels. Governments will be the first to be concerned by their implementation, but all actors, such as civil society, local authorities, the private sector, NGOs and citizens, will also have to be mobilized.

The OFB, as a public operator, will make a particular contribution. For instance, the target 3 of the GBF aims to accelerate the protection of terrestrial and maritime areas, by protecting 30% of terrestrial and maritime areas by 2030 (known as the "30x30 target"). France already responds to it in an operational way via its National Strategy for Protected Areas (SNAP), implemented partly by the OFB.

The OFB is present during the whole event by following the international negotiations alongside diplomats, scientists and experts and by organizing numerous side events to highlight its field expertise.

During this COP, the OFB will also bring together institutional actors acting for biodiversity by organizing the 2nd meeting of the International Group of Biodiversity Agencies. Meeting for the first time in 2021 during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, the International Group of Biodiversity Agencies aims to - promote the sharing of experiences between agencies by constituting an intercontinental network to strengthen links and cooperation projects. Its international scope allows for a better consideration of biodiversity issues that are played out on a transnational scale (climate change, biodiversity footprint, species and species trafficking issues, ecological corridors, migrations, etc.).

The General Director of the OFB, Pierre Dubreuil, will be present at the high-level segment that will take place from December 15 to 17. This segment, which will include ministers and heads of State, aims to build and maintain political commitment around the future GBF.

On December 7 and 8, the OFB will intervene in side events on the implementation of the 30x30 target and the mobilization of managers to achieve this target. The first event is co-organized by the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and France and will share the institution's experience in protected area management. For the second event, the OFB is collaborating with the French networks of protected area managers to highlight French initiatives and identify the next avenues for collaboration with European counterparts.

In collaboration with the Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative (GOBI), the OFB is organizing another event on the subject of protected areas: "From Aichi 11 to 30x30: Marine Ecosystem Connectivity and Scientific Processes to Support Decision-Making”. Speakers will discuss the connectivity of migratory species and its relevance to the implementation of the GBF. Furthermore, the OFB will sign a partnership agreement with the Executive Secretary of the CBD, Ms. Elizabeth Mrema, renewing its support to the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) in order to strengthen collaboration on the implementation of the marine component of the future global framework.

Finally, the OFB also participates in an event organized by Orée on “biodiversity and economy: what future in the global framework for biodiversity”?